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We value transparency. This site will contain a complete unfiltered record of all Quietly Working Org and Project SOPs and data. We will make efforts to ensure it is up to date. If there is any way the data contained within can help you or your org operate better or scale more effectively, you are free to use it under our Intellectual Property Rights & Open Source with Attribution policy.

Quietly Working Universe of Orgs and Projects #QWU

The QWU refers to the overarching umbrella of all our organizations and projects. This section contains information that applies to the entire QWU.

Quietly Working Foundation #QWF

Quietly Working Creative #QWC

International Youth Service Registry #IYSR

The Missing Pixel Project #MP

America's Children of Fallen Heroes #ACoFH

How-to's & Reviews #HTR

War on Hopelessness #WOH

Chaplain TIG #TIG


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